World novelty from Bartholet

Reto Gurtner, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Weissen Arena Group from Flims Laax Falera, is enthusiastic about Bartholet's new operating concept and has awarded the contract for the construction of a Ropetaxi cable car with 5 sections. As soon as all approval procedures have been completed positively, the first 2 sections would go into operation in 2022.

The result is a pioneering solution in the field of detachable single-cable ropeways that meets the needs of both ropeway operators and passengers. Essentially, this world first from Bartholet enables the cabins in stations to travel autonomously using their own eMotion drive. By means of switches within the stations, entire cable car networks and flexible combinations of routes can be formed. A destination selection at the push of a button before boarding enables an unimpeded journey directly to the destination without changing cabins. The new technology allows passengers with luggage or sports equipment to board and disembark absolutely barrier-free and safely in stationary cabins without any hassle. It also creates the basis for unmanned operation for the operator.


The Ropetaxi is based on the Bartholet technology that has proven itself over many years and allows a wealth of new possibilities. The operation is distinguished by the same high safety level as a common detachable system. The transport on the line is carried out unchanged on the rope, in the station the cabins travel autonomously on running rails thanks to their own electric drive.


The cable car is already one of the most environmentally friendly means of transport. The operating concept of the Ropetaxi allows the vehicles to run only when needed, i.e. when passengers board. This means that empty runs can be avoided. According to an analysis, the Ropetaxi is characterised by up to 50% lower energy consumption and significantly reduced operating and maintenance costs. For the cable car operator, however, there are many other advantages. The conventional garage in the form of a separate infrastructure is no longer necessary, as all vehicles are lined up in the station circuit. This eliminates a major time and cost factor for daily parking and unloading.

The Swiss cable car manufacturer Bartholet Maschinenbau AG has used the last few months to further develop the new operating concept, Ropetaxi. The test installation at the manufacturing site in Flums is in full swing.