• RopeTracker


To avoid accidents in aviation, power lines or cable car ropes that are 25 meters or higher must be recorded in the Federal Aeronautical Obstruction Chart. Until now, this recording hasn't been very accurate, leading to frequent collisions. For pilots, spotting these cables has been nearly impossible.

To make flying safer, the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (BAZL) worked together with cable car manufacturer Bartholet AG and software company GeoIdee to create a high-tech device called RopeTracker®.

This device is remote-controlled and has GPS sensors and lasers to precisely locate the positions of the cables down to the centimeter. It's also much more efficient, allowing up to 5 installations to be checked in a day.

This new technology greatly increases pilot safety and ensures that both hay ropes and power cables are accurately marked on the aeronautical obstruction chart.

Bartholet – RopeTracker