Partner & Sponsoring

Brand ambassador Patrick Küng

Patrick Küng, downhill world champion 2015, is brand ambassador of Bartholet cable cars.

As a former Swiss ski professional, Patrick Küng carries the values of Bartholet cable cars "Swiss quality, outstanding innovation and exclusive design" all over the world. Both stand for top performance in winter sports, one uphill, the other downhill. 

Brand ambassador Eduard Kubatov

Eduard Kubatov is a renowned mountaineer, Ironman, and the first Kyrgyz to have climbed Everest and set many records. Additionally, Mr. Kubatov is the President of the Mountaineering Federation and a member of the National Olympic Committee of Kyrgyzstan. Together with Eduard, Bartholet will actively drive forward the development of tourism, transportation, and the hospitality industry in Central Asia.

SSW-Ski Association Sarganserland Walensee

Bartholet has been working with the SSW for many years. The commitment and the promotion of young talent with the main focus on snow sports is of great importance to us.


LSV-Liechtenstein Ski Association

The Liechtenstein Ski Association accompanies the emerging ski stars from an early age. Numerous children and teenagers emulate the established World Cup top athlete Tina Weirather. Bartholet is pleased to support the "neighbours" and wishes them all much success in achieving their goals.


BASE-Boarding Association Switzerland East

BASE stands for Boarding Association Switzerland East. For almost 20 years, young talents have been training in the disciplines of snowboard cross, alpine, and freestyle on their way to the national team. BASE is the recognized and successful snowboarding association of Eastern Switzerland. We, at Bartholet, support the young snowboarders on their journey to the top.



Swissloop, a student initiative of the university ETH Zurich, is exploring Hyperloop technology – high-speed vehicles in airless tubes to reduce air resistance. The concept combines modern railways' efficiency with aviation speed for optimized long-distance travel. Swissloop's team builds transport capsules ("Pods") for global competitions, gaining valuable experience. Their mission: raise awareness about Hyperloop's impact on transportation and mobility. Bartholet, as an innovative engineering company, is supporting Swissloop's research and advancement of Hyperloop technology. 

Swissloop – A New Journey in Transportation

Eastern Switzerland Association of Ropeway Companies

The Eastern Switzerland Association of Cableway Companies (OSVS) is an official regional association of Cableways Switzerland (SBS) and represents the mountain railroads and ski lifts in the cantons of AI, AR, GL, SG, TG and ZH as well as the Principality of Liechtenstein.