• Skilifts Repair Graphic
      Skilifts Repair Graphic

Skilft Repair

Regular inspections and maintenance of plate and chair ski lifts are essential to detect and address issues early on before they can lead to serious damage to the facilities and potential harm to individuals. The maintenance and repair of ski lifts require qualified technicians and specialized tools to be carried out properly. Bartholet Maschinenbau AG can provide support to customers with Bartholet ski lifts, as well as external installations, in the following areas:



Regular maintenance with or without a maintenance contract. 

Specific revisions according to customer requirements (e.g., bearing replacement, tensioning work, etc.).

Repairs of defective cable car subsystems.

Renewal of control, drive, vehicle, roller battery, and other modifications of ski lift subsystems. 

Non-destructive testing of system components by certified inspectors.

Repair and welding work by certified assembly and welding personnel.

Assessment of older ski lifts according to IKSS guidelines. 

Preparation of condition reports with recommendations and measures.
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