System solution

HighLights - a unique lowering system

The continuing growth and technical developments of airports place ever higher demands on airport lighting. Efficient processes and the safety of passengers, goods and aviation technology in all weathers can only be guaranteed under optimal lighting conditions. This means that the highest demands are placed on all lighting components, from the mast to the light fixture. The newly developed high mast with the automated lowering system HighLights enables simple and safe maintenance of lighting systems at airports without impairing ongoing processes.

The most important advantages at a glance:

  • A user-friendly remote control makes it easy for one person to lower the carrier without special equipment.
  • Direct maintenance work from the ground guarantees greater safety and reduces personnel costs.

  • The shortened maintenance time minimizes the costs (short blockade of the apron) and contributes to the continuation
    of air traffic.

  • Complete solution from a single source, which meets the highest Swiss quality standard.

  • Individual, on-schedule and customer-specific conception and implementation of lighting systems.

Triple safety concept

  1. The safety margin of the steel rope which is 6-fold
  2. The safety-brake levers are always engaged when the system is latched
  3. The latching device itself

Four steps to success

  1. The components on the mast must be cleaned.
  2. A single employee lowers the carrier with all its components at the touch of a button using a remote control.
  3. The cleaning work is carried out directly from the ground. Afterwards the carrier with all its components is comfortably raised again.
  4. Within a short time, the components are fully operational without impairing ongoing processes.

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