Swiss Performance


The next generation of the Bartholet K3 clamp is our further development, the Swiss Performance clamp. The clamp convinces with its proven robust and maintenance-friendly design. Well thought-out solutions lead to an even greater reduction in revision and maintenance costs.

The most important advantages at a glance:


  • First clamp worldwide with a maximum rope diameter of 65 mm
  • The only clamp that allows a function check on the system when installed (20 clamps per day can be checked by an expert)
  • The only system with the clamping force test directly on the rope
  • Payload: 2000 kg at 39° rope inclination, 1790 kg at 45° rope inclination
  • Up to 25 % more capacity possible by expanding the area of application
  • Small forces on the clamp ensure greater safety during maintenance and very low loads on the bearing points
  • Developed for very heavy tracks with high rope inclination
  • Redundant axle locking and only one type of bearing facilitate spare parts management
  • Optimization of the number of individual parts
  • No adjustment necessary
  • Minimal noise emissions due to optimum lever geometry
  • Backwards compatible: No station conversions necessary when changing from K3 to Swiss Performance terminal
  • By optimising the contact geometry between the clamp and the rope pulley, the crossing at the supports is even smoother and smoother.