• Veduchi

Two new installations in Russia in North Caucasus

Elegant and efficient: the new 6-seater and 4-seater chairlifts from Bartholet will transport skiers and hikers to the “Veduchi” Ski and touristic resort of Chechen Republic to the ascent over 2000 meters. Within five minutes, the lifts overcome over 250 and 450 meteres in altitude respectively. The chair in a new «Design by Porsche Design Studio» guarantee a very pleasant ride and robust quality.

“Veduchi” is the young ski and touristic resort located in the small eponymous village 80 km away from the capital City “Grozniy” of Chechen Republic in the Russian Federation. The resort is operated by “North Caucasus Resort” Group - one of the largest touristic and ski resorts in Russia - managing 8 clusters including the famous one-Elbrus.


Veduchi resort started operation in 2018 with a first ski slope and one chairlift installation and it plans to launch five new ropeways until 2025 with a total length of 3000 m and 15 km of ski-slopes.


The recently founded joint venture LLC RT-Bartholet has signed its first contract with the North Caucasus Resorts (NCR) to supply equipment for two new ropeways.


These installations consisting of a detachable 6-seater «Design by Porsche Design Studio» and fixed 4-seater chair lift will be built till the end of 2022 at the Veduchi village.


Equipped with 175 chairs these chairlifts will transport 5200 guests per hour combined, which represents a capacity increase of 400%.



Technical data SBK6   SBF4 
Type of lift: Detachable 6-seater chairlift  Fixed 4-seater chairlift  
Altitude difference: 456 m 273 m
Inclined length: 1'440 m 672 m
Number of towers: 17 9
Number of vehicles: 82 93
Driving speed: 5 m/s 2.5 m/s
Driving time: 5.25 min 4.64 min
Capacity: 2’800 p/h 2’400 p/h
Drive: 607 kW 216 kW
Rope: 50 mm 40 mm