They bet on Bartholet in the French Alps

Construction work on the two new ropeways in France is nearing completion. Under challenging topography and weather conditions, a detachable 8-passenger gondola lift is being built at the foot of a glacier in the Les 2 Alpes ski resort at 3’200 metres above sea level. In addition, a new 6-seater chairlift will be in operation in Avoriaz from next winter. Built in cooperation with MND for winter operation, the detachable chairlift in the Portes du Soleil ski resort can withstand stronger gusts thanks to its wind-stable perforated chairs.

Pierre Grosse: challenging construction work on 3’200 metres

Next winter, the ski area Les 2 Alpes in the Daupiné Alps will be one attraction richer. Bartholet is building a new detachable 8-seater gondola lift "Pierre Grosse" at a height of around 3’200 metres. Construction work on the challenging terrain is proceeding according to plan. The mountain station at the foot of a glacier is almost completed and assembled. All concrete work has been completed and the bottom station at around 2’220 metres above sea level is also taking shape. The helicopter assembly took place at the beginning of September. The new lift will be equipped with 96 gondolas, which will open up a unique panoramic view over the ski area. Within a travel time of almost nine minutes, 17 towers and around 950 metres in altitude or a distance of 2.6 kilometres are overcome. With a travel speed of 6 metres per second, the system transports 2’600 people per hour.

Technical data GLD8 Pierre Grosse

Type of lift: detachable 8-passenger gondola lift
Height of valley station: 2'221 m. a.s.l.
Top station height: 3'176 m. a.s.l.
Altitude difference: 955 m
Inclined length: 2'645 m
Towers: 17
Number of vehicles: 96
Driving speed: 6 m/s
Driving time: 8 min 50 sec.
Capacity: 2'600 Pers./h
Drive: 958 kW
Rope: 54 mm

Big jumps in the ski resort Portes du Soleil

The new detachable 6-seater chairlift "La Léchère" in Avoriaz replaces an old fixed 3-seater chairlift which had been in operation since 1985. The installation, realized in collaboration with MND, has a capacity of 2’700 passengers per hour. After the two proven chair lifts in Val Thorens and La Rosière, La Léchère will also be equipped with wind-stable perforated chairs and is thus also prepared for stronger gusts of wind. The concrete work has been finished and the installation of the bottom and top station is almost complete. Within around five minutes, passengers in the Portes du Soleil ski resort will be transported over 200 metres to an altitude of around 1’700 metres. The lift, which has been built for winter operation, is expected to be in operation as of December.

Technical data CLD6 La Léchère:​​

Type of lift: detachable 6-seater chairlift
Height of valley station: 1'501 m. a.s.l.
Top station height: 1'736 m. a.s.l.
Altitude difference: 235 m
Inclined length: 1'714 m
Towers: 16
Number of vehicles: 84
Driving speed: 5.5 m/s
Driving time: 5 min 34 sec.
Capacity: 2'700 Pers./h
Drive: 404 kW
Rope: 46 mm