Swiss Performance

Station concept


Module construction


The Bartholet stations are pre-assembled in modules in the factory. These are delivered to the construction site in order to complete the station on site as quickly as possible. This method reduces the assembly time and is efficient in series production.


Noise reduction in the stations


A significant part of noise optimization begins at the station entrance. The entrance trumpet is spring-loaded on both sides so that the impacts on the guide roller are cushioned when entering the station. In addition, in the course of the optimization, the running rails were underlaid with a damping insert in order to minimize noise when the vehicles pass through the station.


Well thought-out solution for accessibility in the stations


The station is designed so that any work can be carried out ergonomically standing. The external platforms provide better and more convenient access to the components for inspection and maintenance purposes. In addition, the stations are equipped with transfer solutions from the inside to the outside.

The ascent to the station takes place either via a comfortable staircase with balcony at the front of the station or via a staircase at the rear of the station.