Ski lifts

A ski lift is a device for transporting passengers who ski on their skis or other sports equipment on the ground and are towed uphill by means of a towing device. In the case of ski lifts, a revolving hoisting rope runs at a height of approximately three to four metres, to which tension brackets are attached via a winding mechanism. A distinction is made between plate lifts with plate brackets for one person (usually on practice slopes) or anchor lifts in short or long versions for two persons (ski lift with plate brackets).
Here are our ski lift references

Ski lift in Presanella, Italiy

46.217115, 10.650811

Ski lift in Tenna, Switzerland

46.752194, 9.341203

Ski lift in Wittenen, Switzerland

46.500816, 7.698291
More informations
  • Transport capacity up to 1200P/h
  • Depending on conveying capacity, plate or anchor bracket
  • Travel speed up to 3.5 m/s (9 km/h)
  • Wind safety 60 km/h