RT-Bartholet Academy in Moscow welcomes to the 1st training for ropeway operators

Well-skilled and professional employees are an essential requirement for the correct use of a ropeway system. For this reason, RT-Bartholet following the philosophy of the global Bartholet approach has opened a new Academy and Showroom with state-of-the-art equipment inside its manufacturing facilities in Moscow. The new Academy will provide professional training and in-depth education for ropeway operators and will promote education on ropeway discipline together with leading technical universities in Russia. The "RT-Bartholet Academy" is characterised not only by its modern infrastructure, but also by its high practical relevance and customer-specific training programs.

The new Academy built inside the recently opened RT-Bartholet plant in Moscow welcomes the various training participants for ropeway system. Small groups ensure an ideal learning environment. The new in-house training centre offers not only a comfortable training facility but also a comprehensive technical infrastructure, allowing to apply and deepen in practice what has been learnt before. Bartholet provides all components, including hydraulic unit and all relevant mechanical station equipment and components of the line. The primary target of the training facility is the direct transfer of know-how as well as the regular communication of the latest technology.

Next to the Academy facilities trainees can also see the production facilities of rope way components with machining, cutting, welding, bending and assembly operations.

Customer-tailored training program

The general training program is divided into three different levels. In the "Basic" training RT-Bartholet Academy teaches the basics of ropeway technology. In the subsequent "Advanced" level, guests learn about the main components of Bartholet. Successful completion of the third level, "Expert", enables, among other things, the service specialists to carry out inspection planning and test procedures independently.

The training program also includes special training courses adapted to the customer's needs, which can also be held at the operator's location if required. The Academy will also offer the operational support and training in the "Sambesi" maintenance software. The optimal use and maintenance of the plant is always the first priority in the training content.


During the first advanced-level training scheduled on 16th of November participants will join of Bartholet’s client Kirovsk (2 ropeways in operation built in 2013 and 2015) with lecturers of the leading technical university Bauman which collaborate with RT-Bartholet Academy on education and praxis programs for the students.