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Mechanical surface finishing

Bartholet Maschinenbau AG has been supplying high-precision components made of stainless steel and special aluminium alloys for products used in processes under vacuum for over 30 years. Cleanliness, appearance, durability and size accuracy of the parts are the key factors in these industries. Bartholet uses special processes for this purpose:

We use automated deburring, rounding and descaling with grinding and brushing machines to prepare steel parts for the coating process.


Glass bead blasting is used to achieve a beautiful metallic, silvery-diffuse shine and a homogeneous surface. By using small sphere sizes of only 60-200µm, abrasion is prevented and the parts will stay accurate to size. The hardening effect is a positive and desirable side effect.


Barrel finishing or vibratory grinding is produced with the vibration trough the ceramic stones it contains. Parts made of aluminium or stainless steel whose surfaces have been machined are given a clean, bright workpiece surface.


For workpieces made of aluminium or chrome steel, we offer the polishing or ball burnishing process. In ball burnishing, balls and pins are used combined with vibration. For parts made of aluminium, very fine surfaces and low surface roughness values can be achieved. The result is a dense and smooth shiny surface.


With the roller burnishing process, the surface parameters of turned parts can be reproducibly manufactured. Bartholet achieves a surface quality Ra of less than 0.2, making polishing after chrome plating no longer necessary.


Parts made of chrome steel or aluminium can reach cleanliness level 1 by means of thorough and gentle cleaning in ultrasonic baths with 40kHz and 80kHz. For a shiny result of components, which can then be installed under vacuum in the semiconductor sector up to medical technology.