• Flims Talstation
      Flims Talstation

The first Ropetaxi in Flims is in operation.

Since mid-December 2023, the new Ropetaxi system has been operational and has already transported 50,000 passengers. It boasts a 20% higher occupancy rate compared to conventional systems and provides a comfortable ride. The advantages of this new transportation method include sustainability through fewer empty trips, reducing maintenance costs, and decreasing energy consumption and noise emissions compared to traditional cable cars. The Ropetaxi operates autonomously without personnel and is monitored by a central control center, saving operating costs. Additionally, using the stations as garages outside operating hours reduces maintenance efforts and space requirements, enhancing efficiency. Thanks to the garage concept, vehicles are always ready for use and can be easily adapted to various user groups, allowing for flexibility. Moreover, the Ropetaxi offers passengers a pleasant experience with barrier-free access to standing gondolas and a direct ride without transfers. Overall, the Ropetaxi is a promising alternative in passenger transport that is efficient, user-oriented, and already successfully in operation.