Aerial tramways

In the case of aerial tramways, one cabin per direction usually runs on one or two track ropes. The vehicles move in pendulum mode, which is why boarding and alighting is only possible when the cabins are stationary. The great advantage of the aerial tramway is that it requires very little space at the stations. This allows traffic solutions to be implemented even in confined spaces.
More informations
  • Capacity until 4000 persons per hour
  • Cabin size until circa 200 persons
  • Drive speed until 12 m/s (42 km/h)
  • Wind safety until 100 km/h
  • Overcoming topograghically demanding terrain
  • Huge free span possible
  • Fixed departure times can be planned (connection to tram or bus network)
  • Due to the large cabin very versatile use (large and heavy goods transport possible)



Here are our aerial tramway references