• Shao Huashan National Forest
      Shao Huashan National Forest

Three new projects in China

In Xi'An, the Shao Huashan National Forest Park spans across an area of 6,300 hectares, boasting an impressive 90% coverage of dense forest. This region offers an almost untouched ecological environment and is home to five main attractions, including Hongya Lake, Qianlong Temple, Shimenxia, Shaohuafeng, and Milin Valley. These sites are renowned for their deep gorges, crystal-clear waters, imposing rock formations, lush forests, and Buddhist temples. The new project within the park plans to expand the cable car capacity by implementing a 2,900-meter-long single-cable circulating ropeway featuring 8-person gondolas, capable of transporting up to 1,500 individuals per hour.

Located in Nanchang, the Meiling National Scenic Area sits in the middle section of the Xishan Mountains, approximately 15 kilometers from the city center. With a substantial forest cover and pleasant summer climate, this place is a popular recreational destination. The cable car project spans 5.5 kilometers and comprises 112 vibrant panorama cabins designed by Studio F. A. Porsche. The facility can transport up to 1,500 individuals per hour and operates two independently functioning sections, with the first section impressively spanning a length of 4.2 kilometers.

The Yixing Bamboo Sea Park in the southern mountains of Yixing, eastern China, is renowned for its "sea of bamboo." This area combines the beauty of nature and water ecology with Zen culture, regional diversity, and the realm of ceramics. BARTHOLET is replacing a fixed-grip 4-person cable car with a modern 8-person circulating ropeway featuring cabins designed by Studio F. A. Porsche. After the modernization, the cable car, spanning a horizontal length of 1,282 meters and a vertical difference of 395 meters, will transport up to 1,200 individuals per hour. Not only aimed at improving the park's transportation situation, but it also aims to become an attraction itself, offering visitors a comfortable and spacious experience.
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