Rostec State Corporation and Bartholet create a joint venture of cable cars ropeway systems production

The subsidiary of Rostec State Corporattion RT-Business development and international cable cars and ropeway producer Bartholet Maschinenbau AG with private investors will establish joint venture company RT-Bartholet. The company will become a Federal player in the market of cable ropeway systems with localization production in Russia.

Joint venture company starting construction of a high-tech production plant for cable cars and ropeway systems assembly and manufacturing of the Swiss producer Bartholet. The plant is located in the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) Technopolis Moscow. By the end of 2021 the first ropeway production line is going to commence, hiring more than 150 new employees. JV’s manufacturing localization strategy is aim to achieve a high level of production in Moscow by the end of 2022. The potential investment in the development of Russian manufacturing is up to 2 billion rubles.

«Cable cars and ropeway systems are actively evolving around the world as the safest, pollution free and economically efficient transport. Russian cable cars and ropeway systems market has a big potential both in large cities where it is important to relieve traffic and increase citizens’ mobility and also in Russian regions, considering a huge development of ski and tourist resorts. – said CEO of RT-Business Development Alexander Nazarov. According to Bartholet estimates, currently, the market size of potential pipeline projects is 40 billion rubles.

Bartholet is included in the top-3 largest producers of ropeway system in the global market and has established itself as a leader of innovative solutions in the industry. Bartholet successfully has patented a new technology in ropeway system industry Ropetaxi which solves the problem of personal public transportation in densely populated regions. Ropetaxi is equipped of autonomous cabins that afford the passengers getting around the city in the COVID-19 pandemic environment. 

The development of the joint venture company will afford RT- Bartholet to offer to the Russian market the modern and safe form of public transport. Moreover, production output in the industrial site (elements and components) will be exported.


Bartholet Maschinenbau AG – Swiss producer of cable cars and ropeway systems (#3 in the world) and technological leader in the world market of cable cars and ropeway systems. The company has successfully launched more than 280 ropeway systems in 18 countries worldwide. The RT-Bartholet team successfully launched the first urban ropeway in Moscow in 2018. The Vorobyovy Gory – Luzhniki ropeway run along the 720 meter cable, transporting 1.5 million citizens annually.

RT-Business Development – investment holding of Rostec State Corporation (100% subsidiary). The company is involved in assets management and attracting international investors in private equity investments in natural resources, industrial technology and infrastructure projects in Russia.

State Corporation Rostec – one of the largest industrial companies in Russia. It incorporates more than 800 scientific and manufacturing organizations in 60 Russian regions. Key business areas include aircraft construction, radioelectronics, medical technologies, innovative materials and others. Corporation portfolio consists of many well-known companies such as AVTOVAZ, KAMAZ, UAC, Russian Helicopters, UEC, Shvabe and others. Rostec is actively involved in implementation of 12 National Projects. Corporation also acts as the key technology supplier under the «Smart city» project, takes part in digitalization of public administration, production and social sectors, and develops a road map for 5G wireless network, industrial IoT, big data and blockchain. Rostec partners with global leading manufacturers such as Boeing, Airbus, Daimler, Pirelli, Renault and others. The output of the company is supplied in more than 100 countries in the world. Almost a one third of the company’s revenue comes from the export of advanced technology products.