• Thyon

Telemix 6/10 in Thyon, Switzerland

The new combination lift "Telemixte de la Matze" in the Valais ski region of Thyon was put into operation just in time for Christmas 2023. Featuring a total of 28 six-seater chairs and eight 10-person panoramic gondolas designed by Studio F. A. Porsche, it significantly enhances the ski offerings in the family-friendly resort. Simultaneously, the facility improves year-round connectivity between the lower settlements and the summit complex of Thyon 2000, making the eastern entry into the extensive "Les 4 Vallées" ski area much more attractive.

Replacing two drag lifts, the new combination lift runs along the La Matze ski slope for 874 meters from the terrace settlement Les Colonnes 1900 up to the Thyon 2000 holiday complex. The elimination of lift pylons has allowed for a significant widening of the slope area, greatly benefiting beginners and families. Pedestrians and guests with mobility restrictions can now reach the summit directly without shuttle buses, opening up new winter activities such as sledding and offering Télé-Thyon new prospects in the summer season.

The new Telemixte, with a winter capacity of 2000 people per hour, accelerates access to the "Les 4 Vallées" ski area and is conveniently located near the largest parking lot in the ski resort. During the summer, operated only with the eight 10-person cabins, the lift transports a maximum of 600 guests per hour. Extending operating hours to include evenings and nights allows for further expansion of the tourist offerings.

The technological implementation is based on the "Telemix" concept, which provides separate boarding and disembarkation areas for chairs and gondolas. In Thyon, 14 six-seater chairs alternate with four gondolas. The spacious 10-person panoramic gondolas offer spectacular views of the Valaisan mountain landscape and easily adapt to different uses. Even with the standard six-seater chairs, there's a touch of "Porsche feeling.

46.1306, 7.4528

Type of lift
Telemix with 10 cabin + 6 chair
Vertical rise
Inclined length
875.7 Meter
Number of vehicles
8 gondolas, 26 chairs
2000 Pers./h