• Yeosu Luge Run "Challenge Park"
      Yeosu Luge Run "Challenge Park"

8-seater gondola lift in Yeosu, South Korea

The new "Challenge Park" luge track in the South Korean city of Yeosu impresses with a breathtaking view of the East China Sea at a height of 61 meters. The gondola lift, which is part of the luge run, was designed in the "Design by Porsche Design Studio" and can accommodate up to 2300 people per hour.

The support for the luge is located under the gondola, which makes the transportation safe and convenient. Up to 4 sleds can be transported per gondola. The "Challenge Park" luge track is the perfect destination for adventure seekers who are looking for a combination of speed and unique scenery. During the ride, visitors of the park can enjoy the spectacular view of the sea and at the same time concentrate on the luge.

34.77059581484, 127.65807740611

Type of Lift
8-seater gondola lift
Vertical rise
61 m
Inclined length
275 m
Number of vehicles
2300 p/h