• SBF2 Babadag 1 TR
      SBF2 Babadag 1 TR

2-seater chair lift fix in Babadağ (1), Turkey

The mountain located above the bay of Öludeniz is the highest in the region with a height of 1969 meters. Thanks to the ideal wind conditions, the mountain is considered the ideal starting point for paragliding. The beach at its foot serves as an optimal landing place at sea level. The gondola lift is followed by two fixed-grip 2-seater chairlifts, which lead up to the top of the summit. Depending on the weather conditions one can choose between different departure points.

36.5283328, 29.185

Type of lift
2-seater chairlift
Vertical rise
46 Meter
Inclined length
288 Meter
Number of vehicles
32 (43)
600 (800) Pers./h