Swiss Performance

Line concept




In order to achieve more flexibility in the ropeway design, the supports are also manufactured in modular design. Thanks to the new development, the main rockers can be dismantled and assembled for inspection purposes with the small helicopter (max. 1200 kg). For flight assembly, the roller batteries can be divided into the following groups (colour-coded):

Special suspension devices make both disassembly and assembly with the helicopter considerably easier. This means that no additional securing of the roller battery against falling down is necessary during inspection work.

Rollenbatterie Gruppen

Optimization in spare parts management


One and the same roller type is used on the track and in the stations. This saves costs for spare parts storage and reduces the space requirement in the spare parts warehouse.



Optimal lubrication results due to "Multi-point-lubrication"


The „Multi Point Lubrication“ is another unique development from Bartholet, which significantly reduces revision and maintenance work. The arrangement of the lubrication points ensures optimum forging at the bearing points and in the spaces between them. Moisture therefore has no chance of penetrating into the surroundings of the bolt. Corrosion is a thing of the past. The new arrangement of the lubrication points ensures optimum accessibility during maintenance.

  • 3 lubrication holes
  • 2 x for the lubricant flow to the pressure side of the bearing (yellow)
  • 1 x guide hole to prevent corrosion (red)