• Informationsveranstaltung mit Anwohnern der Geimeinde Flims
      Informationsveranstaltung mit Anwohnern der Geimeinde Flims

Information event with residents of the municipality of Flims

Official presentation of the new Flem Express - the name of the new gondola lift in Flims, which is the first ropeway in the world to be based on the Ropetaxi operating concept, which will drive on demand and bring passengers directly to a individually selected station. The new name as well as the cabin design were unveiled at an event with residents of the Flims community at Bartholet’s headquarters in Flums.

"We will make history with this cable car," said Roland Bartholet, CEO of Bartholet Maschinenbau AG. Be it because the new gondola lift designed for Flims consumes 50 per cent less energy, or be it because it only runs on demand and without operating personnel in each station. Because of such unique selling points, Bartholet sees great opportunities to sell such a railway system elsewhere as well. For example, for use in urban areas.

The gondolas are now designed so that guests can take their skis into the cabin in winter. In summer, each 1O seater gondola can accommodate five bikes and guests still have room to comfortably sit down. In addition, the cabins are equipped with two mobile phone charging stations, an air circulation concept to prevent the windows from tarnishing, and lighting inside and out.
The innovative cable car system and its technology left a lasting impression on the residents of Flims.
The planned operation start of the cable car is autumn 2022.