Gondola lifts

Cable cars belong to the permanent conveyors. The vehicles move in a loop at a constant speed. The vehicles are decoupled from the rope and the speed is reduced accordingly to ensure trouble-free boarding and alighting at the stations. The vehicles are then accelerated again and coupled to the rope.
More informations
  • Cabin size: 8 and 10 persons
  • Drive speed until 6 m/s (21 km/h)
  • Wind safety until 70 km/h
  • Can be installed as a ropeway network over an entire city
  • Overcoming topograghically demanding terrain
  • Constant passenger transport
  • Adaptable to the required capacity and therefore very efficient to operate (7200 persons per hour)
  • Can be fitted with optional transport vehicles and ensures a wide range of applications (material goods transport)
  • Can optionally be operated with Direct Drive for best cost-benefit ratio