Future-oriented development at Bartholet and AGD swiss plastic

A larger area is to further advance Bartholet's growth strategy. For some time now, Bartholet has been looking for a suitable property in the region around Flums, where the industrial floor is limited. They finally found it in Walenstadt and were able to purchase a production hall from AGD swiss plastic. With the additional 12,000 m2 of floor space, Bartholet is now concentrating its company premises in the Sarganserland region, which means that six other production halls have been closed. This will result in a simplification and concentration of logistics as well as cost savings. Bartholet is mainly moving the assembly of large components to the new workshop in Walenstadt.
AGD swiss plastic AG remains in existence and continues to produce at the Walenstadt site. AGD swiss plastic AG has withdrawn from the automotive sector and is now strengthening its range of own products. Production for long-standing customers in the electrical, ropeway, construction, cosmetics, food (chocolate), etc. sectors will continue as usual. With this new strategy, AGD swiss plastic AG positions itself optimally for the future.

Further information:

AGD swiss plastic AG

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Head of Sales & Marketing

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Bartholet Maschinenbau AG

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Marketing Manager


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