• Erlebnis- und Themenpark in Yeosu, Korea.
    Erlebnis- und Themenpark in Yeosu, Korea.

A brand new 8-seater gondola lift from Bartholet in the large adventure and theme park in Yeosu, Korea.

Yeosu is a city in Jeollanam-do, South Korea, whose area is spread over a peninsula and 317 smaller and larger islands. Within about 4 hours driving time from Seoul, you can reach Yeosu, whose name means "good water" and is mainly known for the beautiful view of the sea.

Currently, a large adventure and theme park with luge, zipline, hotels and a convention centre is being built in the tourism region - and in the middle of the park: a new 8-seater gondola lift by Bartholet. The new attraction with 22 gondolas, in the "Design by Porsche Design Studio" brings up to 2300 people per hour to the large adventure and theme park. The leisure facilities, especially the long toboggan run, promises lots of fun for youngsters and families. Thanks to a special device mounted underneath the gondolas, the Luges, the steerable toboggans, can be automatically transported along directly with the new lift.



Technical data: 8-seater panorama gondola (GBK8P) with toboggan transport device


Height valley station: 26 m.a.s.l.   
Height top station: 85 m.a.s.l.
Height difference: 59 m
Inclined length: 283 m
Number of towers: 3 pcs.
Number of vehicles: 22
Travel speed: 3.5 m/s
Travel time: 2.26 min
Conveying capacity: 2300 p/h
Rope diameter: 48 mm
Commissioning: 2022