• Rendering Gondel mit Glasboden
    Rendering Gondel mit Glasboden

Better view in China thanks to the panorama gondola with glass floor

The Chinese Qingdao Laoshan Tourism Group and Bartholet recently signed a contract for the construction of a new 8-seater gondola lift "Design by Porsche Design Studio". Laoshan is located in the east of Qingdao on the Yellow Sea coast and is majestically surrounded by mountains. In addition to the construction of the new ropeway, the tourist facilities in the region will be improved to make the "Laoshan Scenic Area" even more attractive and to promote tourism.

With an inclined length of around 850 meters, the installation transports 2000 people per hour to a viewing mountain -  all year round. Within 3.5 minutes, the new ropeway passes 220 meters in altitude at a speed of five meters per second. In order to offer visitors not only maximum comfort but also the ultimate ride experience, all designer-gondolas are exclusively equipped with a glass floor. The new Bartholet 8-passenger gondola lift sets new standards and offers visitors an even better view. The system is featured with the Direct Drive, a low-noise, environmentally friendly high-performance drive. It replaces an aging fixed2-seater chairlift and will go in operation at the end of April 2021.